Master Cylinder

How to Diagnose a Sinking, Low or Spongy Brake Pedal

How Master Cylinders and Combination Valves Work
The Master Cylinder – The master cylinder provides the pressure that engages your car brakes. Learn how the master cylinder works with the combination valve to make sure you can brake safely.

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Brake Master Cylinder
Common signs of a faulty brake master cylinder include abnormal brake pedal behavior, contaminated brake fluid, and the Check Engine Light turning on.

How to Replace a Master Cylinder

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Replacing a Leaking Brake Master Cylinder

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How to Replace Brake Fluid By Yourself

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How to Check Brake Fluid

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Do You Need to Change Your Brake Fluid?

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How Does the Hydraulic Brake Work?
A simple explanation of how the brakes on a car or bicycle bring you to a stop by turning your kinetic (movement) energy into heat.

How to Stop Your Brakes From Squeaking

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