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Becoming a Mechanic or Automotive Technician in Utah

If you like working with your hands and enjoy working with mechanical parts you may want to consider a job as an auto mechanic. There are a variety of jobs available in this field, including not only mechanic opportunities but also jobs as auto body repairers, auto glass installers, and bus and truck service technicians as well as diesel mechanics. [En Español]

The state of Utah does not require mechanics to have a special license to work, but you may find that you will make more money and have more career options if you pursue additional educational opportunities related to automotive technology. There are opportunities at both the high school level and the college level to further your education in this field.

The Job Outlook in Utah

In May 2020, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported 8,420 auto service technicians and mechanics, 1,780 auto body and related repairers, and 3,050 bus and truck mechanics and diesel engine specialists employed throughout the Utah.

It is predicted that jobs for auto mechanics in the Beehive State will increase by 24.8 percent in the decade to 2030.

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Mechanic Salaries in Utah

According to the BLS report from 2021, bus and truck mechanics and diesel engine specialists made the highest salaries of automotive technology specialists in Utah, earning an average of $49,240 annually or $23,68 hourly. Auto service technicians and mechanics earned an average of $46,640 per year or $22.42 per hour, followed by auto body and related repairers, who earned an annual average of $45,950 or $22.18 hourly. With many years of experience, the best mechanics and auto service technicians in the field can earn as much as $75,050 annually.

Salaries in Utah by Occupation

OccupationTotal EmployedAverage Hourly WageAverage Annual SalaryLowest 10%
Automotive Service Technicians and Mechanics8,420$22.42$46,640$28,320
Automotive Glass Installers and Repairers**$18.57$38,630$29,000
Automotive Body and Related Repairers1,780$22.57$46,950$29,290
Bus and Truck Mechanics and Diesel Engine Specialists3,050$23.68$49,240$36,750

Auto Mechanic Salaries in Utah by Region

RegionTotal EmployedMean Hourly WageMean Annual Salary
Logan, UT-ID310$40,850$40,850
Ogden-Clearfield, UT1,710$49,570$49,570
Provo-Orem, UT1,130$46,130$46,130
Salt Lake City, UT490$45,190$45,190
St. George, UT3,280$51,980$51,980

Auto Mechanic Schools in Utah

There are a variety of options to get certificates or degrees in the auto technology field throughout the state of Utah.

  • Salt Lake Community College. This public college in Salt Lake City, Utah, has several programs to choose from for mechanics, including an Automotive Technician Associate Degree program and Automotive Collision Repair and Refinishing Certificate program. The college is NATEF-accredited.
  • Tooele Applied Technology College. Tooele College also offers a Heavy Duty Diesel Technician Certificate program for students who have an interest in diesel mechanics. Completion of this program will prepare graduates for the ASE Medium/Heavy Truck Tests. With this certificate, you can work as a diesel mechanic specialist in a variety of automotive service centers or corporate fleet organizations.

There are numerous high schools throughout the state of Utah that offer classes in automotive technology and related courses. All high schools with these types of programs are NATEF-accredited.

ASE Certification

The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence offers certification to designate those working in the industry who have passed a test and demonstrated proficiency in their skills.

There are over 40 tests offered by the ASE, some of these tests include:

  • Truck equipment certification tests
  • Light truck certification tests
  • School bus certification tests
  • Engine machinist certification tests
  • Light repair certification test
  • Transit bus certification tests
  • Parts specialist certification tests
  • Alternate fuels certification test
  • Damage analysis and estimating certification test

ASE certification is usually completed in two years and will let potential employers know that you are qualified to work as an auto technician.

Working as an Auto Mechanic in Utah

The highest percentage of job opportunities in Utah is found in Salt Lake City and the surrounding area. This region alone employed 1,550 auto service technicians and mechanics, 1,390 bus and truck mechanics and diesel specialists, and 840 auto body and related repairers in 2020 according to the BLS. The Ogden area, though, offered the highest pay in the state for all jobs in the auto technology sector. The average salary for auto mechanics in Ogden was $46,790 annually compared to the same job in Salt Lake City, which averaged $47,400. Bus and truck mechanics and diesel engine specialists earned the highest salaries of all the auto technology trades, where they averaged $59,760 annually in Salt Lake City.

Requirements for entry-level jobs in Utah are typically a valid driver’s license and a driving record free of accidents.

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